Just heard about this over on the twittersphere from the Dead White Guys blog. There’s an article in the Huffington Post about a great campaign to get people to adopt a word that is going out of use.

The beauty of this project is that anybody can join in. And it’s headed by the Oxford University Press, which makes it doubly important. So, if you like words and you don’t want them to die out like the dinosaurs, make like a die-hard PETA supporter and hop on over to http://savethewords.org/.

Remember people, a word is for life, not just the dictionary.  But be warned, it’s quite a menagerie in there… the poor things are desperate for a home. You can even give up a word for adoption.

So, what’s my chosen word?


(adj. pertaining to the roots of words)

So there. Roots of words. Pretty clever eh?