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It seems all the good things are just around the corner: hallowe’en is almost upon us as well as the monthly madness of NaNoWriMo. Yesterday I was also lucky enough to have attended the London MCM ComicCon. I came away with a big book haul that is set to enrich my ever-expanding comic book collection, though my bank balance is considerably depleted!

How to describe comic con? A lot of people ask me if it really is an insane geek-out sesh and I have to say, yes, it most definitely is. Everyone is doing their own thing and it’s the only place where no one will ever give you a second glance if you turn up half-naked covered in green paint screaming ‘HULK SMASH!’ in people’s faces. I personally love it for all the bookish goodness I can take away with me (one guy actually had a bubblegum pick suitcase for his haul. That will probably be me next year…) and it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet the creators, illustrators and some big names in the industry.

This year’s attraction for me was no other than Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello from the DC Universe. I got a very special edition of Dark Knight III Master Race signed by him, Azzarello, Kubert and Janson and I managed to meet and talk to Brian Azzarello himself. He signed the black cover copy of Master Race for me (the complete edition). Klaus Janson was also there and I got a cheeky little signature from him too.

Other highlights of the event was an awesome steampunk stand where I met an absolutely adorable steampunk R2D2 and got my picture taken with no other than Ryuk from Deathnote. A girl’s dream come true!

Here are a few of my favourite snaps from the Con:

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  • Batman: The Long Hallowe’en – I’ll be kicking off with this aptly named title! I’m on a bit of a DC bender at the moment, specifically Batman. I’m watching Gotham on Netflix and I would REALLY love it if they could make an origins story for Fish Mooney, even though she was only created for the TV show.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Master Race – I’d almost forgotten how awesome Mr. B actually is. I am a Marvel girl through and through, yet there’s something about him that’s different. He has no special abilities, yet his loss and subsequent darkness is the only thing that fuels him on his journey to making the world a better place. I identify with that. And no matter what anyone says, he’ll always going to be the good guy. I just wish he found someone to make him happy.

What will you be reading for hallowe’en?