Welcome to the ‘Literary Blog Hop’, a meme hosted by The Blue Bookcase for book bloggers who focus on reviewing literary fiction. This weeks’ hop comes with the question:
What is one of your literary pet peeves?  Is there something that writers do that really sets your teeth on edge?  Be specific, and give examples if you can.

Unlike some bookaholics, I have no problems with coming across dog-eared pages and random spurts of marginalia. Though there is something that agitates me no end when it comes to taking out books from the library: soiled texts. I can’t STAND them! I never had myself down for a hygiene freak, but when faced with a book that has mysterious yellow puddle-marks here and there on its pages, my hair stands on end and my reading pleasure is totally ruined. My imagination goes haywire because I don’t know where the book has been and how the marks got there in the first place. For all I know, the previous owner might have been perusing it while sitting on the toilet! Come on, wouldn’t it make you wonder, just a little bit?

Also, I have a thing with front covers. I don’t like it if they are messy, peeling, stained, torn, smell funny or are falling apart (which is why I avoid hardbacks altogether!). Luckily, the books in our local library are all covered in plastic wallets, so the books I take out get a thorough disinfection with the Dettol spray. You can call me insane, but the way I see it, the library should thank me for cleaning their wares! I mean, I’m a self-confessed bibliophile, and some of the texts in the library are in desperate need of some TLC. There’s nothing wrong with showing the tomes some respect, right?

Apart from excessively tiny print (something my eyes can’t tolerate that much anymore), typos and extensive footnotes that are always at the BACK of the book and not on the actual page, there is probably little else that irritates me.

Having read this back to myself I think I sound like someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder! What are your pet peeves? They can’t be weirder than mine that’s for sure!