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Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by BermudaOnion at Bermudaonion’s Weblog where we get to share new words that we’ve encountered in our reading. 

I’ve got more words from ‘Retromancer’, this time of the architectural persuasion: 

1. Cloisonné – A ancient method of decorating enamel and metalwork objects.

2. Champlevé – An enamelling technique in the decorative arts, or an object made by that process.

3. Calotte – In architecture, a round cavity or depression, in the form of a cup or cap, lathed and plastered; used to diminish the rise or elevation of a moderate chapel, cabinet, alcove etc.

Oh, and I discovered a delightful little phrase on my readings: ‘to travel by sparrow-fart’. Yes, ‘sparrow-fart’. I did a double-take at that one, blinked, and  then embarked on a five-minute giggling session thereafter. I somehow can’t imagine what a sparrow fart looks like let alone the dimensions of it and whether it would actually get anyone to their destination or not. All the same, the rest of my day was spent with images of little sparrows falling off their perches through the exertions of excessive gas. A most incongruous visual, what with the sparrow and the massive fart concept, but extremely effective in comedic terms!