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“There was a character in the little town who wanted a station wagon driven to Osorno, where we were heading, and he asked me if I would do it. Alberto gave me a high-speed lesson in gear changes and I went off in all solemnity to assume my post. But rather cartoon-like I set off with hops and jerks behind Alberto who was riding the bike. Every corner was a torment: brake, clutch, first, second, help Mamaaa… The road wound through beautiful countryside, skirting Laguna Osorno, the volcano with the same name a sentinel above us. Unfortunately I was in no position along that accident-studded road to appreciate the landscape. The only accident, however, was suffered by a little pig that ran out in front of the car while we were speeding down a hill, before I was fully practised in the art of braking and clutching.”
A humorous account on the trials and tribulations of clutch-control. I remember when I was a learner driver, and the dread I felt when I came up to junctions or traffic lights. It seems learning to drive back in the 50’s was a lot more fun, and quicker!