One of the perks to being a teacher is the nice holidays you get between terms. As we enter a two week Easter break, I’m planning to get some much needed reading done, and this is what my mini-list looks like:

Vanity Fair

A very big novel that I have been avoiding for a long time, but last night I took the plunge and I have to say, I am absolutely adoring it! Miss Rebecca Sharp is by far THE most interesting heroine I have ever come across. Unashamed, fearless and she knows her own mind.

The Stand

Another very big novel, yet vastly different from Vanity Fair! This was recommended to me when I first joined Goodreads. Ironically, I began reading it last month when I was in bed with a terrible cold – not good when the book is about a killer ‘flu epidemic that wipes out the world’s population!

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Started reading this a couple of months ago and had to stop because of work. Hopefully I’ll get round to finishing off this lovely story of a delightful boy who is extremely kind of heart. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes get a feel for reading something with innocence in it. It brings me back to myself again.

That’s what my Easter break is looking like. Quite unusual where I’ve got two massive tomes and one little kiddies novel, but I’ve always done things in strange ways! In fact, I rather prefer a nice selection of different things, just in case I get bored and need a change.

What are you reading this Easter?