I’ve been visiting gnoegnoe’s blog for a while now and was inspired by her lovely pictures of fruit and veg. Every week she posts a feast for the eyes. I recommend that you check it out. This connoisseur of legumes is also a very articulate book reviewer. Books and food go SO well together. I always feel hungry and up for a bit of a read after I’ve checked out her latest posts.

So without further ado, here are pictures of ‘Flat Peaches’.

They’re just like normal peaches, but a little sweeter (and flatter). I thought they looked adorable. They come all the way from China where they are popular. Apparently this type has been around for centuries in the Far East, so it’s not one of those genetically-modified fruits.

I’m so impressed with them, that I’ve saved the stones for planting. Once they dry out I’m going to see if they’ll grow for me. I’d like to have a tree like this in my garden.

Is there any strange fruit you’ve come across recently? Or any you’d like to try? I want to have a go at jackfruit ever since I read about it in ‘The God of Small Things’.