So, here I am, reading, reading, reading for all I’m worth, and it seems I’m not getting anywhere! It feels like a game of ‘stuck in the mud’, where I whizz through pages of writing, only to realise that I’m STILL not finish!

This is a phenomena that I experience once every few years and I cannot explain it at all. Time stops, and the pages of the book seem to multiply. I’ve checked the font, and it’s average. I’ve compared font SIZES, and it’s your standard 10/ 12 point on Word. Then I analysed the line s-p-a-c-i-n-g. Average. I’ve also been keeping to my 50 pages a day pledge. So what’s the deal here?

Is it the book, me or some other force playing games with me. I should have had a book like ‘Madame Bovary’ read by now! Are the muses mocking me? Could it be that upon discovering the humble book challenges of this mere mortal, they have decided to obstruct her path towards the ’50 Books A Year’ goal? *shakes fist at Calliope* It’s all your doing, you obscure deity you! I feel like I’ve been sucked into a strange vortex and spat out into an alternative reality where time runs fast and actions slow down.   

Has anyone had this before? Please tell me you have. And what do you do to get out of it? It’s not like ‘readers block’, it’s something else! Help me!