“Ever aided by the letter of recommendation from the ‘press’, we were put up by some Germans who had treated us very well. During the night I had a bad case of the runs and, being ashamed to leave a souvenir in the pot under my bed, I climbed out on to the window ledge and gave up all my pain to the night and the blackness beyond. The next morning I looked out to see the effect and saw that two meters below lay a big sheet of tin where they were sun-drying their peaches; the added spectacle was impressive. We beat it from their fast.”

By far the funniest episode in the Diaries… have you noticed it always seems to be Che getting into trouble, and not Alberto? Poor Alberto, always the one to pick up the pieces when the shit hits the fan! I wonder what the people did when they saw the stuff on their peaches? What’s really funny, is that Che went to have a look at it the next morning. Typical manly behaviour!