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It’s the ‘World’s Most Notorious International Literary Marathon’… and you could be a part of it… if you dare!

“It’s approaching the midnight hour and I start to come alive. 9pm has come and gone and my 11pm horological caffeine-shot is full and lunar outside my window, preparing me for long typing sessions ahead. For company I have a dark room, a cup of colombian and some good music. That is enough to pull the succession of images from out of my head and onto the glowing screen.

My eyes burn and blur with the grainy feeling of sand. My fingers occasionally back-peddle the ‘return’ button, correct a spelling. For more serious errors I hammer on ‘delete’. Tapping out words becomes a gesture into tapping my brain. But there’s no stopping. The rule is, there are no rules. In fact if anything exists by way of rules it’s one fact: you can only go forward. Write while you’re hot, the way Steinbeck did with ‘The Grapes of Wrath’. There’s no time, no time to look back and amend. You strike out with honesty, instinct and a blind prayer. The story comes, linear and white, like a laser beam, and your job is keep it like that. The story is a guiding light, a compass in the primordial darkness of the psyche. The small hours are the most optimum in terms of creativity, when the doors to perception are wide open and words seem to tumble and fall into a magical semblance of profound sense.”

Adrenaline junkies, you have 72 hours to write a masterpiece of fiction. Now go!

‘So, what’s brought this on?’ You may be asking. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Other than the fact that I’ve caught wind of a most excellent competition that trashes most conventions of novel writing.

The rules are simple: you have three days and three nights starting from Labour Day (Sept 4-6 2010) to produce a story of fiction in whatever genre you choose. This being the 33rd of the Annual International Writing Event (emphasis on ‘international’) it demands a lot of stamina to get through it. While most writers deliberate for years on a few chapters on their novel, here you are being impetuously asked to hammer one out in a matter of days. It’s a writers’ nightmare, true, but an adrenaline junkies’ dream!

I’ve been writing my so-called novel for about 3 years now, tentatively, delicately with a sense of dread. I’m thinking, maybe all would-be writers should attempt something like this, just for the thrill of it, just to get the goddamn crippling fear out of their system once and for all.

So, I’m posting this to let others know that it’s not too late to join in this crazy marathon. For the full rules and registration details please visit the official website. And if you do plan on entering, good luck!