Jubilations! I have just been seen worthy for my first award.Big thank you to Melanie from over at Read It In 7 Days. And here it is in all it’s glory!

Now that I’ve received this award, the rules are I have to pass it on to 15  other fabulous blogs that I have just discovered. I also have to link back to the person who gave me the award (as done above) and say 7 things about myself that you wouldn’t otherwise know… ok, so here goes!

7 Things About Zee

 1. I am currently writing a novel and a script. I can’t say any more than that because even I hide the script away from myself at times. Despite having graduated in English and creative writing, I have discovered that the real lessons in writing begin after you’ve got your degree.

2. I don’t have any pets. That’s right. It’s not that I hate animals – on the contrary, I begged my parents to get me a cat when I was little. But they wouldn’t because it was too much maintenance. I got two naughty budgies and a canary instead which kept biting me. Poo.

3. I love martial arts. I love watching it, practising it, learning all about it. I’ve been a fan of the sport since I was a kid. But besides the incredible physical beauty of it, the philosophy is what makes it so unique. After all power is nothing without control, and I have a deep respect to masters like Ip Man and the late great Bruce Lee (his disciple) who opened the world of martial arts to the West. 

4. I am a Japanophile. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not Japanese and I doubt there is any Eastern blood in me. But something stirs deep inside me when I see those places.

5. Besides reading and writing, I also paint. Admittedly I haven’t done any for a few months now (blogging has taken over), but I do have a few commissions that I am behind on! My favourite artists are Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, Alphonse Mucha and the multi-talented Rene Lalique.

6. I have a not-so-secret crush on Timothy Olyphant. Blame it on the ‘Hitman’ movie. Can’t wait for the next installment.

7. I suffer from insomnia. I’ve gotten used to going to bed just before 2AM. That’s good for me.

Ok, so here’s my 15 bloggers!! 

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That’s it folks! I wished I could add MORE, but it says only 15. I’d like to give this award to all the blogs I’ve discovered because so much hardwork goes into it. I’ll be contacting you to tell you about the award. Congrats!